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Chapter Reports - Honolulu

Honolulu held its Annual Planning Meeting at the Hale Koa on December 9. Steve Trussel, webmaster, and Jona Sing presented a detailed and very informative demonstration of the capabilities of League's website. Check out the site at . It has an attractive design and is loaded with information and links. Thanks to Suzanne Meisenzahl for coordinating the presentation. Star Bulletin editorial writer and columnist Cynthia Oi was the luncheon speaker. She held her audience with an entertaining discussion of the state of the newspaper industry in Hawaii.

Members are encouraged to attend Honolulu's Annual Meeting on April 14 at 9:00 a.m., at the Hale Koa Hotel. Registration starts at 8:30. Come and share your thoughts and ideas. Cost is $25.00. Call the League office at 532-7448.

Our membership as of March 1 is 230. Individuals overdue in paying their dues are being notified by mail or phone. Thanks to Teresa Lau for her continuing struggle.

Honolulu has stepped up its outreach on transportation by participating in a televised discussion on Island Insights, and by submitting a commentary to the newspapers on Rail. Thanks to Pearl Johnson and Charles Carole for jumping into the fray. The Honolulu board supports the concept of enabling legislation to allow public/private partnerships for transit projects. A bill authorizing such partnerships is going through the State House and is heading to the Senate. Hawaii won't have enough Federal/State money to construct HOT lanes. Allowing private money to build them as toll roads may be a solution.

Honolulu is looking forward to the 2008 elections. Arlene Ellis is leading our continuing efforts to register voters and all other related activities. Meanwhile, Arlene led a team that provided vote count services to a union on Oahu and to a community organization on Molokai.

Pearl Johnson scheduled a number of radio talk shows, one on a Sunday morning on KHVH, with Mike Buck, on the prohibition against initiative to affect tax policies. Another was scheduled for March 7 on KIPO, 89.3 FM, with Dave Rolf and Jay Fidell.

Jackie Parnell, Suzanne Meisenzahl, Piilani Kaopuiki and several friends of League marched in the Martin Luther King Day Parade on January 15. The League of Women Voters was very visible, with signs held high. The march was a positive experience. Honolulu will look into participating in other parades with themes appropriate to League.

Piilani Kaopuiki

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