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Hawaii Report

Our chapter has demonstrated its support for other community groups through monetary donations and volunteerism first to the Hawaii Island Chapter of United Nations Association – USA to help revive the Hawaii Island Hilo School Model United Nations program, and secondly to the American Association of University Women’s Girls Education in Math and Science (GEMS) program in Kona.

With the update of our Bylaws, our chapter will consider using teleconference meetings for the Board or other committees when it is a challenge to convene in person. We have located a service that will accommodate up to 99 members on one phone call.

On December 8, 2007, the chapter took on the weighty material of the Immigration Study and got through it with the help of our member/moderator, Margaret Drake, and was able to submit our report in a timely fashion to LWVUS. Kudos to the chapter for doing its homework and coming prepared to address this onerous task in one meeting!

League's revision of Article XI of the Hawaii County Charter (Initiative and Referendum) is in its final version after having been reviewed by LWVHC's Board. On March 11, Councilman Pete Hoffmann will introduce a version to the council which incorporates most of League's version. The LWV committee will speak in favor of the major changes, recommending strongly the few items that are not included in Hoffmann's bill. If the revision survives the council committee with a majority vote, it will go through three readings in regular Council action, where it must garner two-thirds (or six votes) to pass and be placed on the general election ballot this November.

The Hilo unit is meeting every other month and is focused on building membership and developing a candidate forum for September 4, 2008. The Kona unit is also meeting every other month and is planning their pre-primary candidate forum for August 3rd.

League members attended a teleconference meeting on February 14th concerning the County's Deputy Registrar Program. The program, allowing trained members of the public to assist in registering voters, has been discontinued because of privacy information concerns. At this time, anyone previously trained under the Deputy Registrar Program may apply to become a distributor. This allows the distribution of Wiki-Wiki registration forms, but not their collection and submission. In other words, the person registering to vote must send in the form herself. A number of those taking part in the teleconference felt that people registering do not follow through and mail the form and that there was little to be gained by simply handing out the Wiki-Wiki's, which are available in many public locations anyhow. The county's Election Division says that they are continuing to assess the program.

(Editor’s note: Due to strenuous Union, League, and other citizen protests, the Clerk’s office has resumed training voter registrars, with stricter guidelines for turning in affidavits in a timely manner.)

We will be holding our Annual Meeting on April 26, 2008 and will provide amended Bylaws, Programs, FY Budget and nominations for new seats.

Co-President Dursin plans to attend the National Convention in Portland this summer.

Sue Dursin
Leilani Bronson-Crelly

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