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Kauai Report

I realize I have not contacted State League since last January. After speaking with my co-president, Lisa Ellen Smith, we are agreed that our current board is not able to fully meet its administrative commitments and duties as bylaws define.

A slate of officers for 2008 has not been found to date, and it is almost April, so no mailing has gone out. The last newsletter did announce our need for a slate, but none have responded and the Nominating Committee has not done the outreach as of today.

Several directors, including myself, have work and other commitments that take priority over League tasks. No program or budget has been defined and the board members do not have time to work on these tasks.

We have decided to hold a General Membership meeting April 26 and will send a letter to our Kauai members inviting them to come. Members will be apprised of our situation and we will see what they decide. I spoke recently to Sue Irvine about our chapter's difficulties. Unless new blood arrives soon, the chapter may be too anemic to continue and may go into hiatus (if there is such a thing).

Carol Bain
LWV Kauai chapter Co-President

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