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Hawaii County Report

AUGUST 14, 2008

VOTER REGISTRATION - League members have been successful in registering several hundred new voters. Setting up tables at public events like the July 4th parade, at shopping centers, and at candidate forums, they are distributing election information as well as gathering signatures. On August 20 and 21st, they will conduct the county's Wiki-Wiki registration at three locations in Kona, HIlo and Puna.

CANDIDATE ROUNDTABLES League sponsored a candidate roundtable in Kona on August 3rd for mayoral and county council candidates. About 120 people attended. The evaluations showed a highly favorable response to the format. Another roundtable, just for mayoral candidates, will take place in Hilo on September4th.

MEETING TO DISCUSS DRUG POLICY STUDY - On July 24th, Pam Lichty from the Honolulu League discussed the drug policy study in a general meeting. Members appreciated Pam's knowledgeable presentation, and she says she learned a thing or two from the interaction. LWVHC looks forward to a consensus meeting on the study.

VOTE COUNTS - The Big Island has conducted three vote counts since May.

FINAL BALLOT LANGUAGE Ballot language for the initiative-referendum charter amendment has been completed by the County Clerk and approved by the Hawai'i County Council. The language is acceptable to the League committee which authored the amendment. It is concise and accurate. League will wait until after the primary to promote the issue.

PASSAGE OF HB661 - Big Island members who have relentlessly pursued the passage of public campaign financing for several years are celebrating the passage of the bill which gives Hawai'i County Council candidates the ability to draw on public financing. They send out mahalos to the state LWV, to Voter-owned Hawai'i, to the legislators who helped, and to the Council itself. (See related article this issue).

KONA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PLAN - After three years of work, the plan for Kona's future finally passed through the Hawai'i County Council Planning Committee with no changes. The hundreds of residents (including many LWV members) who participated in its formation breathed a collective sigh of relief to see the plan move on. It is likely that there will be no changes in the 64-page plan as it goes through two readings of the full Council.

Susan Dursin
(Leilani Bronson-Crelly continues her three-month stay in India.)

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