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Local Legue Reports - Honolulu (Piilani Kaopuiki)
Local League Reports - Hawaii (Leilani Bronson-Crelly & Susan Dursin)
Local League Reports - Kauai

Local League Reports - Hawaii



The Big Island lost its bid for a Vote-By-Mail pilot project, actively supported by LWVHC, when HB1614 was not heard in the Judiciary Committee of the State Legislature.

LWVHC is working to block HB345, which would delay the pilot project for comprehensive public campaign funding. Our League was disappointed that the Hawaii Council chairman testified and lobbied on his own, along with the County Clerk, although the issue of reversing its position was never brought before the Council itself. This convinced many legislators that the entire Hawaii County Council approved a delay.

PROJECTS: Helen Hale, sponsor for the Model U.N. Program, presented enthusiastic reports from students who attended the Honolulu conference. LWVHC's $500 donation helped defray participant costs.

MEETINGS: At its general meeting on Feb. 21, Lynne Penek-Holden spoke about single-payer healthcare. In California, she helped craft the bill which moved forward supported by the California LWV and became the basis for HB676 in Congress. To learn more, go to,

  • The Big Island annual meeting takes place on April 25th. As both co-presidents are termed-out, LWVHC is looking for willing, energetic leaders.

  • Both the East and Westside units will meet on March 31st to complete the National Popular Vote Compact Study.


    On April 8 and 9 the Westside unit will conduct a vote count for Waikoloa Village Association. Marian and George Wilkins are in charge.

    Leilani Bronson-Crelly
    Susan Dursin

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