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President's Message
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Leaguers Came Through for ConCon Activities (Jean Aoki)
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Local League Reports: Hawaii (Helen Hemmes)

President's Message

Aloha from your new president. At our State League convention on May 31, I was elected along with the officers listed in this Ka Leo Hana. I was president of the Honolulu League in 2000-2004. I hope most of you know me as an active League member since 1993.

At the State League Convention, Judge Karen Radius of Girls’ Court had the convention’s rapt attention as she described her work with girls whom the court has inspired to go on to higher education and achievement. The State Board met on August 22. We need ideas and energy from members. A) The need for member help in fund-raising is urgent with the departure of past president Jackie Parnell who did most of it. Her invitations to our non-events were amusing as well as effective in attracting donations. B) Jean Aoki has long represented the League at the state Legislature. While she still intends to testify, she is eager to retire from major responsibility for legislative affairs. We need a volunteer to step up. Jean will happily share her experience and knowledge, which will provide invaluable mentorship for some lucky volunteer.

LWV-Hawaii welcomes member participation. Our board meetings are open to all who are interested: see Calendar on back page for schedule.

Pearl Johnson

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