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Combined Newsletter Issue
President's Message (Pearl Johnson)
Elections Commission (Jean Aoki & Pearl Johnson)
A Revolution from the Court? (Mary G. Wilson)
Act 244 - Hawaii County Council - Campaign Finance Project (Sue Dursin & Sue Irvine)
Mahalo Contributors
Hawaii County Report (Helen Hemmes)

President's Message

This is our first combined issue of Honolulu’s Aloha Voter and Ka Leo Hana. Every quarter, as editor of Aloha Voter, I worried about our members receiving the two newsletters within days of each other. Then Ka Leo Hana editor Beppie Shapiro suggested to the state board that we combine. What a concept!

The Honolulu board quickly agreed. What do you think of the merged issue? Email me at with your opinion. Honolulu will still put out Voters in the months Ka Leo is not published.

Elections are still the League’s main concern. The State Elections office does not have a replacement for its resigning chief as I write this. We don’t have voting machines for the 2010 election, less than 11 months away. Fortunately, we have Jean Aoki and JoAnn Maruoka who closely follow election developments. Jean’s report appears elsewhere in this issue.

League has long advocated for publicly financed political campaigns. Next year the Big Island will lead the way with a pilot project in the 2010 election. Also in this newsletter is a report on this, straight from Hawaii residents Sue Irvine and Sue Dursin.

Pearl Johnson

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