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Agriculture Group Will Focus on Regulations

Honolulu League’s agriculture group will change its focus from getting leases for small farmers from the State to focusing on state regulations which impede the operation of small farms.

At our June 21 meeting, a member with experience in farming in Hawaii pointed to various rules of the Department of Agriculture (DOA) which are onerous to small farmers. She said, for example, the state forbids farmers to eat a part of the crops they sell.

The group decided to look at the DOA Administrative Rules, which seen to be equivalent of regulations, and focus on rules which seem unnecessary and onerous. Dealing with government is what League does best and we will see what can be done to change those rules.

The agriculture group is headed by Honolulu League’s Planning & Transportation committee and includes interested non-League members. We have met several times since January and will meet again on Monday, August 9 at 10:30 am at the League office. We welcome all who are interested.

Pearl Johnson, chair

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