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Election Laws (Nan Lowers)
Legislative News on Election Laws (Sue Thorndike)
Our First State Convention
Program of the League of Women Voters
State Board
President's Message (Marguerite Simson)

Our First State Convention

The first State Convention of the Hawaii LWV, held on March 3-4, 1965, was an exciting and challenging event especially with the presence of Mrs. Robert Stuart, National President, Mrs. Robert Zurbach, National Board Chairman of Organization, and Mrs. Jan Rosenblum, member of the National Board, adding greatly to the proceedings.

Mrs. Stuart and Mrs. Simson, our new State President, were presented to the Hawaii State Legislature. Mrs. Stuart also spoke at a dinner given at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. The guests of honor were: Mrs. John A. Burns, Lt. Governor and Mrs. William Richardson, Senate President and Mrs. Kazuhisa Abe, Senator and Mrs. George Ariyoshi, Representative and Mrs. Howard Miyake, and Representative Katsugo Miho.

Twenty-one delegates and 31 visitors attended the first session of the State Convention. The study of Election Laws was the first state program to be adopted by our State League.

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