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Election Laws (Nan Lowers)
Legislative News on Election Laws (Sue Thorndike)
Our First State Convention
Program of the League of Women Voters
State Board
President's Message (Marguerite Simson)

[President's Message]

Dear Member:

As soon as the first convention of the LWV of Hawaii was over, the newly elected board met for the first time to formulate plans for the year. The first order of business was the appointment of Mrs. Marion Saunders to the Board to carry on her organization work in Maui. The task of organizing Leagues in the remaining counties of Hawaii is one of the most important duties of the State League. Another important job for this year is the request by the National Board for all State Leagues to assess the State's role in the Human Resources field. The convention delegates pointed up their interest in this field by a resolution urging the State Board to give it special consideration with emphasis on equality of education. Mrs. Lila Grossman was appointed to the board to handle the study. The National Board would like to have every State's Report completed before next spring's National Convention.

In addition to the study of Election Laws, most of which will be completed this year by Mrs. James Lowers and her committee, the Board has decided to undertake a publication using the material from the "Know your State Government Study". The publication will be written in simple terms to make State Government easily understandable to high school students as well as to the public. The publication of this information will be useful for public relations and as an additional source of income.

Voters Service at a State level will become the obligation of the State League. Reapportionment makes necessary the early exercise of the obligation. Reapportionment Legislation has already given Mrs. Sue Thorndike practice in following the fate of interesting bills through the legislature. This practice will be used to good advantage next year when she will publish newsletters during the legislative session to keep us informed.

Four, possibly five, issues of the State Voter will be published during the year by Mrs. Mimi Warsh to keep members up to date on State League activities. Mrs. Jane Carpenter will keep an eye on the financial status of the State League which will determine the outer limits of State League activity. You will receive a first-person report on the National Council meetings from me at a unit meeting in May or June.

Obviously the State League is going to continue to try to stimulate your interest and attention to State matters. You will have little chance during the coming year to forget that you are a member of a Local, State, and a National league.

Mrs. Marguerite Simson

I would like to contribute $ to the League of Women Voters of Honolulu or Hawaii County

Payment enclosed

Annual Dues ($5.00) enclosed

Subscription to Hawaii Voter ($1.00) enclosed



Mail to: Mrs. Jane Carpenter, Treasurer
116 Palani
Hilo, Hawaii

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