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Legislative Workshops

The 1966 budget session of the Legislature offers the League its first real opportunity for observing and perhaps entering the activity at Iolani Palace. To prepare for this, we have set up a series of workshops designed to help interested members become trained legislative observers and effective lobbyists. For five Thursday mornings during the session, we will meet at the Richards Street YWCA with experts in various phases of legislative activity for short talks and long discussion and answer periods. Two meetings have already been held, one on February 10 featuring Elmer F. Cravalho, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and one on February 24 featuring Herman Doi, Director Legislative Reference Bureau. The other meetings are as follows:

March 3 Hannibal Tavares, Hawaii Sugar Planters Association

March 10 Daniel T. Aoki, Administrative Assistant to Governor Burns

March 17 Margaret Setliff, Hawaii State Library

Each session will be followed by a Go-See Trip to the Palace.

Write-ups on these sessions together with reports of observers following bills of interest to the League will appear in a Legislative Newsletter being sent to all members.

Sue Thorndike
Voter Service Chairman

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