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Second Annual Convention, LWV of Hawaii
Are League Husbands Misrepresented? (George Simson)
Come to Convention!! (Marguerite Simson)
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Come to Convention!!

Registration for delegates and visitors to the Second Annual State Convention will be handled by mail. Send your fees, your luncheon and dinner reservations early to Mrs. Donald Davidson, 1962 Halekoa Drive, Honolulu 96821. You will receive confirmation and tickets by return mail. Reservations must be in April 19. If you indicate your preference for either workshop, Mrs. Davidson will honor it on a first-come, first served basis.

The Membership workshop will be the place to discuss attraction of new members. Of course, retention of members is equally important. Included in the discussion should be keeping member interest high by best use of woman power, best use of finances, best use of study material and resources. Come to this workshop with new ideas and tried-and-true methods. Be prepared to learn.

Local League Problems–for want of a better title--is a wide open area for discussion. The workshop will begin by analysis of the Model Unit meeting. From there anything goes–techniques of running general meetings, problems with public meetings, board functions, program--you name it. Come prepared to bare your souls and describe your deepest frustrations. Expect no easy solutions, but frank discussion and some new approaches.

The purpose of the 1966 Convention is to serve the local league. Working sessions are geared to local interests and local problems. Local League point-of-view will be uppermost in the discussion of State program.

The Convention speaker is Professor Harold S. Roberts, one of the best-informed people in Hawaii on the subject he will be discussing, Reapportionment of Hawaii's State Legislature. Come to the Dinner, bring your husband and your friends to hear the latest information about this timely subject.

Any further questions about Convention 1966 can be answered by your local League president. DO COME!

Marguerite Simson

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