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Election Law Report

Since March 1, 1966, the Election Law and Administration Committee has sent out another "Facts and Issues" dealing primarily with the administration of our elections. Suggestions were sent to local leagues for an additional unit on election laws this spring.

The military voting bill that passed the Budget Session of the Legislature in March can be considered a "victory" since getting any legislation passed was a real fight. The committee (the members of which are not lawyers) felt that the bill which passed indicated the clear intent to allow military and federal employees to register. The League wanted more -- but for our first effort, we can be proud!

The committee plans to meet all summer doing ground work for lobbying on our "consensus" areas. Among other things, they plan to digest all bills on election laws presented to the past two sessions of the legislature and cross reference them to a file on individual legislators and their positions.

A "good" action program on election law needs every member's help. Let your study committee know what you think and what you would like to see them do. They need your interest and your cooperation.

Nan Lowers
Chairman, Election Laws and Administration

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