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From the Convention

The second annual convention of the League of Women Voters of Hawaii is now history. For the twenty-one delegates, the two days were hectic, rewarding, and exciting.

The opening event in this year's convention was the annual State Convention Banquet at the Robert Louis Stevenson Room at the Princess Kaiulani Hotel. Dr. Harold S. Roberts was the after-dinner speaker and, as usual, he was most charming and informative on the subject,. "The Present Status of Reapportionment in Hawaii."

The routine business of an even year convention was quickly and efficiently taken care of by the delegates. Proceedings were enlivened during the morning session by the introduction of the proposed emergency item on "Ethics in State Government," which received the necessary number of votes for consideration by the deIelegates.

Time out was called for the model unit meeting, ably presented by the Honolulu League. In spite of the difficulty of presenting a unit meeting to such a large group, the discussion of the literacy requirement for voting was very lively. A delightful sukiyaki luncheon was served and delegates had a chance to lobby and caucus on the proposed ethics item.

Two workshops were held after lunch -- one on membership and the other on local league problems. Since our state league is composed of one large league and one small league, the workshops offered an excellent opportunity for a sharing of ideas and problems. This is the time when the delegates find that what they consider a problem unique to their particular league is really one shared by others and it is amazing how many different and stimulating possible approaches to league can be forthcoming.

The purpose of the membership workshop was to stimulate new ideas for reaching members among groups of people we have not yet reached, as well as among those groups we normally draw from. Both leagues have membership "problems." These problems are not only how to continually attract new women to the league, but also how to develop active and informed members.

The workshop on local league problems was set up to provide a forum for discussion of ways in which the League carries out its activities -- with the unit as the "jumping-off point." The discussion stayed on units most of the time, but the Bulletin was also discussed as an additional way of informing our members. Consensus, discussion techniques, and personnel of units were all discussed by the participants.

The afternoon session was called to order at 2:30 p.m. and after the report of the Credentials Committee and the adoption of the budget, discussion began on the proposed new item. As the pro and con arguments were presented, the delegates participated in the development of league program - and in a very league-like way. Every league member would have benefited from observing the convention proceedings -- and they would have found it fun, too!

And when the final vote was taken, the item was adopted by more than the required two-thirds majority of delegates.

When the second annual convention of the League of Women Voters of Hawaii was adjourned, every delegate left the Unitarian Church feeling a sense of accomplishment and a job well done. The sense of sharing and participating is something to value. Now, we can all look forward to the third annual convention in 1967.

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