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ABC Reporting Successful

This year, for the first time, the League in Hawaii reported election results for nation-wide election night coverage. Gladys Gabert, ABC-TV-Reporting Coordinator, reported a reasonably successful election night. The League covered 20 precincts. Altogether 24 people were involved in the effort. Mrs. Gabert, who must be congratulated on the smoothness of the operation. Grace Furukawa, the Oahu coordinator, who handled the overwhelming job of phoning, assigning, and overseeing all the reporters for Honolulu County; 20 reporters, one back-up reporter, and Ilze Reece, who cheerfully took over a precinct at the last minute with no previous notice.

Polling places were covered on Kauai, Maui, Molokai, Hawaii and Oahu. Each worker placed two calls to ABC in New York--one in the afternoon and one in the evening. Four people were unable to reach ABC in the evening call. The four worked in precincts where the counting lasted past midnight. Later we were. informed that ABC's switchboard operators, left on duty all night to receive Hawaii and Alaska information, were as frustrated as the reporters were. Due to a misunderstanding the telephone lines had been disconnected when the program went off the air.

LWVH will receive $500.00 for the work of those 24 people. The money has already been earmarked for Voter Service and for bringing Leaguers from the outer islands to Honolulu for special League activities, such as the November 16th workshop. Sally Wallwork from Maui and Judy Woodin from Hawaii attended the workshop as guests of the State League. Both also observed a Honolulu Unit discussion and a Local Agenda Committee meeting. Trips paid for from the ABC fund will always include a special event plus normal League activities.

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