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ELECTION LAWS: The time has come the Bylaws say to tall: about our state study item. We are fast getting to "decision making" on what we want to do with our Election Law and Election Law Administration study. In fact the first round for discussing it is now at hand.:

We can say two years of study have been productive. During the last session of the legislature--a Budget session--we testified on behalf of our brand new consensus on Military Voting, and saw a military voting bill become law. We hope action in the next session of the Legislature will lower residency requirements and voting age, and perhaps even accomplish the more difficult task of getting a positive identification at the polling place a requirement in our laws.

Now where do we go? We have merely touched on "more centralization in our election administration." We have not discussed voting machines. The areas of ballot handling and voting procedures could be looked into. The role of the political parties in the administration of both registration and elections could be a fruitful area of discussion. Initiative and referendum for Hawaii: how about that? What do YOU want? Your experiences in voting during 1966 elections may have called some other need to your attention. The State Board needs your suggestions in order to come up with a well-thought-out proposal for second round discussions after the first of the year.

Nan Lowers
Election Laws

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