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Voter Service Evaluation Workshop

Voter Service Evaluation Workshop

On November 16, the State League held its first all-day workshop. The topic was Voter Service, a subject we were all still very familiar with. Special guests during part of the discussion were Mr. John Griffin, Associate Editor, the Honolulu Advertiser;

Robert Miller, KHVHTV News; and Mrs. Mary Costa, Republican Candidate for the State House of Representatives.

Leaguers and visitors were asked three questions: Who are we trying to reach? How well have we reached them? Are we aiming at the right people? If the workshop was successful, all of you will find yourselves asking and being asked these questions over and over as Leagues in Hawaii plan both non-election and election-year Voter Service activities.

The workshop was designed to redirect discussion, not to make decisions. however, some stimulating suggestions were made by the participants. lb you as a member agree with these?

  1. Voter Service chairmen should begin a two-year term during a non-election year in order to allow for long-range planning of election year activity.

  2. Broader financing of VS projects could result in reduced workloads. Efforts could be made to finance ambitious VS projects separately from the annual budgets.

  3. Candidate questionnaires should be placed on a low priority on Oahu, higher in other counties.

  4. The League should not again depend so heavily on the news media for distribution of League materials.

  5. It is important to include activities which provide opportunities for direct contact with non-Leaguers (ea. Food Fair booth, Voteswagon). We do not want the League to be known only for publishing materials.

  6. Voter Service chairmen should serve the members first, then the public at large.

  7. Radio and TV lend themselves to in-depth interviews of candidates or discussions of issues which might reach more people than Candidate Nights open to the public.

New activities were suggested by both participants and guests. Complaints and compliments were aired freely. The workshop should be just the beginning of fruitful VS discussions.

Members attending the Workshop were asked to rank both this year's Voter Service projects and those used in other years according to four different standards. Would you please do the same, and send your ranking sheet to Mrs. Walter Thorndike, 1925 Halekoa Drive, Hono.


Value to Voters / Value to League / Value to Members / Value-Effort Ratio

  1. Candidate questionnaires--all Islands

  2. Pro-Con Information--State and Honolulu

  3. Voter Registration Campaigns—Oahu and Hilo.

    State Fair, County Fair


  4. Candidates Meetings--Oahu and Lilo

  5. Food Fair Booth—Oahu

  6. Election Night Reporting


  1. TV Candidate Interviews—Oahu and Hilo

  2. Telephone Voter Information Service

  3. Voter Information Speakers' Bureau

  4. "Vote" Radio and TV Spot Announcements

  5. "Vote" Poster Campaign—all Islands

  6. "Can You Vote" pamphlets

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