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Voters Service

If Governor Burns signs the bill providing for a Constitutional Convention on July 15, 1968, we will vote for 82 non-partisan delegates at a June 1 election, and hold Hawaii's first Con-Con since Statehood.

Anticipating this, the LWV Convention requested that Voters Service effort be concentrated on providing information on the Constitutional Convention to members and the public to stimulate interest in proposed changes in the Constitution.

To implement this, the following suggestions were made: 1) Provide pro and con information on issues. 2) Digest and make available for distribution the Legislative Reference Bureau's research on background material for the Convention. 3) Stimulate interest of the membership and the general public through a Speakers Bureau; distribute LW study material to other organizations and man an Observer Program for the Convention sessions. What organizations do you belong to which might want to use our information or schedule our Speakers Bureau? If you have ideas and suggestions please contact Margaret Rowe, V.S. Chairman.

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