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Some Impressions from the National LWV Convention (Marguerite Simson, Elaine Vik & Trudi Zelko)
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Some Impressions from the National LWV Convention

From Trudi Zelko, President, Hawaii County League

"A vital, exciting week with 2300 women, each one smarter than the other... a well organized, professionally run political convention... I received so much good, practical advice... many ideas pertinent to our own League... Everyone extremely helpful, friendly, willing to share, learn, and teach... Quick, warm friendships established overnight... the excitement of making my first speech on the floor - in defense of the National Program... late night caucusing... politicking in earnest.”

From Elaine Vik, President, Honolulu League

"Main Convention focus on the Human Resources study... the cry of the delegates was for expansion to allow for broader action... I left the first caucus for the Electoral College study item thinking it was a good League study but feeling it wouldn't get off the ground... the next morning delegates began distributing telegram blanks (borrowed from hotel room drawers!) marked "Urgent! Vote for the Study of our Electoral it passed with more than the required 3/5 majority!" ... After browsing through the Book Stall and its rows and rows of tables stacked with League-published material my feeling that in Hawaii we must "publish or perish" ... We could put to better use much of the material we prepare for member use...

From Marguerite Simson, President, Hawaii State League;

"Overwhelming atmosphere at convention: urgency feeling that the League must get on with it--whatever it was. Mostly human resources, but also china study. Plenty of opportunity to air all sides of issues--much discussion on convention floor, plus small meetings, plus caucuses."

CONGRATULATIONS to Elaine Vik for being honored at the National Convention for her membership efforts in the Honolulu League.

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