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What is "Selective Perception?"
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What is "Selective Perception?"

We hear the term "selective perception" talked about sometimes, or perhaps we hear of "selective hearing." This is simply a way of saying that we all face the world with ideas already fixed in our heads and tend to perceive and hear those things which support our ideas. Thus when we hear something we tend to remember those parts of what is said that "fit" with our own ideas. This isn't because we deliberately and willfully distort but rather this is to say "we hear what we want to hear, we remember what we want to remember." This is something we all do ...because to everyone his own ideas are important.

However, if we are interested in facing problems with respect for all facts, full information, we will try to hold our mental "selection" open and receptive to all available information -- both that which coincides with our at-the-moment thinking, and that which may be widely different from it. This attitude is essential for sound analysis ...and certainly it is a "League-like" approach!

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