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Report on the Con-Con

  1. Lowering the voting age from 20 to 18 years. (LWV had supported this.)

  2. Abolishing the literacy requirement. (LWV reached no consensus.)

  3. Restoring voting privileges to convicted felons upon "final discharge or earlier as provided by law." Final discharge is interpreted to mean obtaining of a pardon, serving of the term of imprisonment, completion of the period of probation or parole or the payment of a fine (if that is the sole penalty). (LWV had no position here.)

  4. Permitting the Legislature to establish a Presidential primary election each year in which a President of the United States is to be nominated. (LWV - no position.)

The committee voted against reducing the residence requirement for voting from one year to six months. Their report indicates that "the one year requirement was a reasonable duration to insure that the voter makes an informed decision about the candidates and issues."

(LWV supported six months residence clause.)


The Committee on Revision and Amendments to which were referred the proposals relating to ethics in government finally recommended a new section to Article XIV to read as follows:

Section - The Legislature and each political subdivision shall adopt a code of ethics for appointed and elected officers and employees of the State or political subdivisions, including members of boards, commissions and other bodies.

As we go to press the Committee of the Whole had just passed this provision on second reading - virtually assuring its passage. This is a victory long worked for by the League.

Alice Scott

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