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Second Call to Convention
Proposed Program - 1969-70
President's Message (Marguerite Simson)
Consensus Report - Campaign Finance - February 1969 (Sue Cowing)
Legislative Committee Report (Alice Scott)
State League Nominees 1969-71: Who Are They? (Sue Thorndike)
We Have An Office!!!
League Notes
Aloha Kauai - New Group Joining State League

[League Notes]

The Hawaii County League is awaiting the completion of their up-dated KNOW YOUR COUNTY booklet to launch their 50th Campaign on the Big Island. They report an office now located in the YWCA. We look forward to a later report--we hope by State Convention time.

Honolulu League sent in a semi-official report that shows 123 members contributing $4,447.00. We hope this not-yet final sum will go over the $4,500.00 mark. A GREAT ACHIEVEMENT!

WHO RECEIVES WELFARE? An editorial on Welfare and the State in Honolulu Advertiser, March 2, 1969, states: "It is naive to think that welfare costs could somehow be significantly reduced if only we didn't provide benefits to "the slackers in society." In truth, about 90 per cent of those on welfare rolls are over 65, under 12 or ill and disabled. Less than 2 per cent are able-bodied men available for work."

"The League of Women Voters was the first non-governmental organization whose permanent records were accepted by the Library of Congress!"

National Board Report, May 1968

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