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Legislative Committee Report

The 5th Legislature of the State of Hawaii convened for action on Feb. 19, 1969. To date close to 700 bills have been introduced in each house. The LWV again will be particularly active in the area of election laws, ethics and campaign finances. We are also keeping an eye out for water bills (SB 1718 and HB 339 to date). We will also try to keep the Development of Human Resources Committee informed on housing measures.

All the legislative proposals are filed numerically together with the current status tables in our new League office and are available to members for their perusal.

Election Laws: Marguerite Simson, State President, put in many hours as a member of the Lt. Governor's Advisory Committee on Election Laws. This committee has recommended a major revision of the Election Law Code which will be presented to the 5th Legislature as a package.

Several individual bills relating to election laws have already been introduced: SB 170 relating to the 18-year-old vote. The committee will prepare testimony for the hearing on this and any other bills relating to our consensus on election laws.

Several bills have been introduced in both houses relating to campaign practices: SB 494, SB 534, SB 551, and HB 533, HB 534.

Aren't you glad we have a consensus on this subject? New bills have been introduced to strengthen the ethics code with particular reference to elected officials: HB 17, HB l45.

The House Judiciary Committee has begun hearings on some of the above measures. However, the Senate Judiciary Committee is planning to wait for an accumulation of bills to hold hearings on related bills. (This is easier on us.)

We will keep you informed of our progress in Legislative Newsletters in the near future.


LATE FLASH: Senate concurrent Resolution No. 29 and Senate Resolution No. 36 ask Congress to continue to study reform of the present Electoral system and to eliminate the Electoral College.

Alice Scott
Legislative Observer

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