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School Study

With the opening of the Legislature, the school study has become a very timely item. A Senate bill has been introduced to amend Article IX, Section 2 of the Constitution of the State of Hawaii to provide for an appointed rather than an elected Board of Education. If you lived in Hawaii prior to 1966 you will recall that Board members were appointed until that year. In November 1966 the voters cast ballots for eleven members of the first elected Board of Education. Their term expires in November 1970. If Senate Bill 489 passes, we will be asked to vote in November for or against a constitutional change to return to an appointed Board.

A packet of materiel from the School Study Committee will be coming to you through the publications service very soon. Honolulu members attending the February 26 general meeting will receive theirs then. It will contain information on the elected Board, the Office of the Superintendent of Education and the School Advisory Councils. Please read this material and save for reference for units in the spring. If the constitutional amendment is to be on the November ballot, we will be supplying information on the arguments for and against elected and appointed boards and will use this as a basis for spring unit discussions. Meanwhile, watch your newspapers for reaction to this bill during the session.

Frances McLeod
State Study Chairman of Schools in Hawaii

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