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First Call to Convention
Help Wanted
ABC Election Night Special (Beverly Carter)
Ethics Legislation
School Study
Consensus - School Study
School Study: Where Do We Go From Here?
State Board
Preserving the Ecology of the Islands (Gretel McLane)
Attention Honolulu County League Members

Help Wanted

HELP WANTED: The Legislature begins sessions this month. It is a brand new ball game. The state Office needs information from local papers about your State Senators and Representatives. Mary Smith from Hilo has "volunteered" to clip all statements, references, speeches, etc from the Hilo papers about Big Island legislators. Betty Buck has volunteered to clip the Star Bulletin for Oahu. We need a clipper from Kauai and another from Oahu for the Advertiser. Also, we would greatly appreciate clippings from other local papers, such is the Pali Press and another papers. These clippings we want not only during the legislative session but also for the entire year.

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