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School Study: Where Do We Go From Here?
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Preserving the Ecology of the Islands (Gretel McLane)
Attention Honolulu County League Members

School Study

SCHOOL STUDY: Consensus was reached by the League members to oppose the two proposed Constitutional Amendments to the Education Article. Previous to consensus over 10,000 copies of the "Analysis of the Proposed Amendments had been widely distributed. After consensus was reached the League swung into action to defeat the proposals. Hawaii County joined forces with the ILWU and School Advisory Council #1 to print and distribute on the Big Island 10;000 eye-catching flyers. Mr. Dave Thompson of State ILWU met with Fran McLeod and Ruth Snyder and put their resources behind our efforts, He had printed for us 27,000 “Its A No-No". 8,000 were sent by ILWU to their members on Oahu, 2,000 to Maui, 2,000 to Kauai, 15,000 were distributed by Honolulu. The results showed. In November, the proposals were overwhelmingly defeated.

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