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[State Board]

During the past two years the State Board has undergone many changes of personnel. Of the 5 elected in 1969 three remain, Ruth Snyder, Fran McLeod, and Alice Scott. The other two elected and two appointed offices have fluctuated greatly.

At this moment we have a full board of seven members to carry on until convention. Evelyn Oishi of Honolulu County consented to be our third Secretary-Treasurer. Fran Broesch of Waimea elected and installed moved away; Shirley West also of Hawaii County found she would be unable to continue until 1971. Past Board member, Opal Sloane, filled in until October when Evelyn was persuaded to become a member for the remaining time. Membership chairman, Marie Gilson, left when her husband went on sabbatical leave. Jackie Streeter, experienced Leaguer from California stepped into the breach for a few months. Her assistance to the Board and Kauai provisional has been invaluable. We are grateful that her last few months in Hawaii before returning to the mainland were given to us. In October our versatile backup, Opal Sloane, relinquished secretary-treasurer duties to Evelyn and transferred over to membership and Kauai advisor portfolio. Environment study for the state did not get off the ground. Informational meetings about the land use law and commission were held and then our knowledgeable Pat Shutt had to resign from the board as she became a campaign manager for a candidate. In the fall the Board decided to ask the Honolulu County environment committee to take on the responsibility of acting as a state committee for the remainder of the year.

With much soul searching, they decided they would try. Anne Hansen, their chairman, came on the State Board. Suddenly in December her husband decided to take a new job in Texas and Ann was off to Harlinger, Texas before Christmas. Naturally the committee at this time was involved with getting ready for Air Pollution units as were other Leagues. However, new chairman, Gretel McLane immediately squeezed in a meeting sponsored by the Bar Association in which League had an interest.

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