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Memo from State
Mental Health and Some Other Health Bills
Elections & Campaign Regulations
Ethics Bills
Action - Get Out Your Pen and Send a Postcard
Testimony: Various Proposed Bills on Campaign Financing (Alice Scott)
Testimony: Ethics/Standards of Conduct Bills (Alice Scott)
Testimony: Senate Committee on Public Employment (Alice Scott)
Testimony: Public Health, Youth and Welfare (Gretel McLane)
Current Trends in Education: The Voucher System...
Study of Educational Complex Proto-Types
Testimony: House Education Committee (Helen Tamashiro)

Ethics Bills

SB-142 (F. Wong); #286 (Hulten); #530 (Takahashi) are favored for intent by the League but contain wording 'undue advantage' which we feel would make them subject to veto.

HB-249 (Soares) #646 (Iha); #652 (Roehrig) intent same as above but subject to veto.

HB-277 Gives the Ethics Board Subpoena Power (Soares)

SB-221 (Forbes); HD-72 (O'Connor); and HB-111 (Iha) Regulates Lobbyists

HB-898 Sets forth the Requirements for Financial Disclosure by Public Officers (Public Officer-a person filling a public office by election and who has received his certificate of election from the lieutenant governor.) Introduced by Richard Wong.

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