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Convention Wrap-Up
League of Women Voters of Hawaii
Human Resources in a B-R-O-A-D Item
Correction - Hawaii Nurses Association
Voter Service (Trudi Zelko)
Hawaii County Voter Service (Sue Goode)
Land Use (Carol Whitesell)
President's Letter (Dorothy Bremner)
Calendar for 1971-1972
Human Resources: Part I

Correction - Hawaii Nurses Association

In the last Legislative Newsletter, the League erroneously stated that the Hawaii Nurses Association supported a bill that listed no qualifications for the Director of Health, thus making it possible for a non-medical doctor to hold that position. The HNA doesn't think it necessary that a medical doctor be the Director of Health, but it does want the Director to meet certain qualifications. The HNA position is that the Director could be someone with brood business experience, with health orientation and a minimum of a master's degree.

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