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Land Use

At last! After two years of mounting interest and concern, the State League has adopted a STUDY OF LAND USE IN HAWAII. This study should have broad appeal for Leaguers. The wording of the item looks quite specific tut the topic itself is one with endless ramifications.

Those of you who are especially interested in environment know that land use decisions are an important element in the degree to which air, water, noise pollu- tion are a problem in different areas. Wise land use makes it possible to avoid or alleviate many problems. During the past year or two many questions have been raised about the effects of increasing population, economic development, and urbanization on the quality of life in Hawaii. One of the tools for molding our environment is the Land Use Law. The environmentalists are asking: Is this tool being used wisely and for the benefit of all?

If you are fascinated by how government works and by the broad questions of division of powers, checks and balances, accountability, citizen participation, you will also find much to interest you. One of the areas we plan to examine first is how the power to determine land use is allotted between state and county governments, and what is the citizen's role in these decisions. detail the papers for the views of your mayor, councilmen, state legislators, eta. This has been a constant issue since the law was enacted in 1961.

Finally, our Land Use Study will be unique in at least one respect: Hawaii is the only state with a state Land Use Law and statewide zoning. We have an exciting opportunity to evaluate something new and perhaps our study will be helpful to other leagues in the future.

Carol Whitesell
Land Use Chairman

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