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President's Letter

In May, Alice Scott and I attended the LWV's National Council in Washington, D. C., an exciting first for both of us. The impressive National. League President, Mrs. Benson, beet expressed the dilemma facing Washington at the time we and several thousand young people, were in the city: It was a difficult conflict between the right to dissent, the right to freedom of movement, and the responsibility of those who must protect us.

Just a few impressions and highlights from the Council itself:

  • We were reminded that Boards don't like program load, but MEMBERS do!

  • We're quickly moving toward the day when our League positions on Environment, Human Resources, Trade and Aid will have to be interrelated and juggled.

  • The "Day on the Hill" -- it was easy and fun to lobby our Congressmen in support of retaining 0E0. The Hawaii League was even offered a legislative internship -3 months of exciting, no wages labor.

  • The LWV Education Fund is set up to route tax-deductible money that we solicit for our community education projects.

  • I attended midnight meetings on M-A-L's (members-at-large) looking to the day when Kamuela and Wahiawa ladies want to form active LWV units.

  • Hawaii pledged $760 to the National budget. That means $2.58 of each of your dues pays for your National Voter, nation-wide League projects and the National League's many services to us.

  • Even the honored consensus procedure was debated -- how to involve the 2/3 of our members that never get to units?

  • Imaginations were set free of the handbook -- to attract a more representative membership; to carry action beyond testifying and lobbying in the government halls (e.g. litigation and pushing for changes of balky administrative procedures); to throw planning and action into the laps of the units.

Here in Hawaii we too need to talk about new ideas. Then ask -- what would we lose? What would we gain? Thank you for sending us. Be sure to go if you ever get e chance.

On the home front, I'm serving on the Commission for Legislative Salary, because the Governor wanted the League represented. Attend the Commission's public hearings. June 22, 23, 24 on Oahu, July 1 on Kauai, July 8 on Maui (Baldwin High), July 14 in Hilo, and July 15 in Kona. Also let me know your thoughts by July 15.


Dorothy Bremner

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