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Voter Service

We have prepared a brand new 8 page Voters Guide that will include all the new election lows, the new voting procedures, how to join the party of your choice and your precinct. It will include maps. Distribution will be to all voters and students who will be 18 by the next election. The Guide is financed by the Lt. Governor's office, the Counties and community organizations.

In Hawaii County the Voter Service Committee has successfully registered students who will be eligible to vote in the next election. This was supported by the schools and accepted with enthusiasm by the students. The Lt. Governor has asked for state wide registration. This will start in Sept. Anyone willing to help please contact your local V.S. chairman. It is a short term project that will be an exciting, rewording experience!

Third-- The League has suggested to the DOE a course in practical politics in the Social Science classes. A course is being developed using League material. It will be offered to all high schools this coming year. As soon as packets are available Leaguers will be able to obtain them.

Trudi Zelko
Chairman Voter Service, State

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