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Campaign Finance

"In 1971 candidates running for Governor of Hawaii spent a combined ..$2,000,000 or e8.00 a voter. This was more than it coat the state to run the election, and more than the job would pay in the four years a man would serve as governor. Where toes the money come from? Does it take that many dollars to tell the voter each candidate's story? How can a concerned, capable citizen without great financial resources hope to compete in this race?"

Read FACTS & ISSUES CAMPAIGN CONTROLS (LWV of Hawaii, Sept% 1971) and find out. Here are the consensus questions Leaguers will consider this fall,

1. Our present consensus says there should be no ceilings on contributions.

  1. Do we still agree with this consensus?

  2. What, if any, campaign restrictions should be placed on fund-raising methods?

  3. Our law now prohibits corporate contributions. Should this be deleted or expanded to cover other groups?

  4. Other

2. Do you think Hawaii should make some form of subsidy available to candidates?

  1. Free TV

  2. Reduced TV and media rates

  3. ETV

  4. Free pamphlets prepared on a bipartisan basis and mailed to all registered voters.

  5. Tax incentives.

  6. Other

3. How should the expenditures of campaign funds be controlled?

  1. Should there be a dollar limitation on campaign spending?

  2. If so, what basis should be used for control?

  3. Should there be restrictions on spending to support or defeat other candidates in other races?

4. What penalty structure should be set up to accompany controls and to aid enforcement of them?

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