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Discussion is Talk with a Purpose

The League of Women Voters uses group discussion to help in selection of program, in development of membership thinking and agreement on which to base League action; and in evaluation of techniques and procedures in the League in program, Voters Service, finance and all other phases of League work. What is the role of the member in group discussion? You will be a real Leaguer if you:

L- listen to comments of others

E- evaluate ideas objectively

A - ask questions if you don't understand a point

G - guide group progress by keeping on the subject

U - use materials supplied in advance by the League

E - enter into the discussion freely

R- respect other's viewpoints

The Dearborn Michigan Voter


Honolulu - The Waianae unit held a well-attended candidates' night and published a questionnaire before the Oct, 2 primary for the Special election in the 4th Senatorial District.

Kauai - While the rest of us were vacationing, the Kauai League met all summer long, discussing school voucher systems, housing, and solid waste disposal.

Maui - We have no League on Maui, but a group of women, headed by Peggy Haring (formerly Honolulu League) are carrying out the League program of registering 18-year-olds.

Hawaii County - Has had great success in registering young voters in the high schools as well as college students as they signed up for school.

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