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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

There was an interesting article in a June issue of the Los Angeles Times on a subject which some Leaguers may not have heard and will enjoy knowing.

There has been a League of Men Voters formed and they have approximately 968 members. In early 1969 they incorporated and received status as a nonprofit corporation. They obtained the LWV bylaws and struck the word "women" and substituted "men", thus solving the problem of a document legalizing their existence. They have a women's auxiliary and established a youth division. What started out as an apparent tongue-in-cheek organization has turned into a serious one. As of June 1, 1971, the LMV had members in 37 states, with California having the largest membership.

The article contains some comments by Mrs, Bruce Benson and Mrs. Edward Ruden, Calif. LWV State President. According to the article the LWV is aware of the LMV existence, but has not commented on it to any great extent.

Marjorie Babcock, LWV of Hawaii County

Dear Editor:

Hawaii County is leading the State in registering teen voters, according to County Clerk Tadasho Suzuki.

There are 2,600 qualified young voters in the County. A total of 1,188 (as of Aug. 5, '71) have been registered. Of the total the League of Women Voters registered 1,114, as a result of their drive in the High Schools.

He reported response low in the rest of the State, however. As an example, Oahu County Clerk's Office reported only 30 young voters registered as of August 5.

Congratulations to the Hawaii County League of Women Voters and their success in their High School Registration Drive.

Sincerely, Reader of the Tribune-Herald.

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