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Schools Consensus

Your children need underwear. Your husband's sox have holes. The water heater needs replacing. The family's sick of beans. If you can't have a morning off from the children, you'll scream. How should you spend your money? Should you spend your money? Who should decide? That's what the power of the purse is all about. And that is what Leaguers will confront in consensus-taking this fall.

The schools committee has prepared a workbook addition (4pp. Sept. 1971, 4¢ to prepare you for the subject, "DOE and the Dollar" Consensus questions follow:

1.. The State General Fund is the major source of school financing. for the state wide K-12 school system.

  1. Should this method be retained?

  2. If not, what other methods would you support?

2. Should the State Board of Education have some defined fiscal power? If yes,

  1. To raise money by taxation?

  2. -By final approval of priorities?

  3. By receiving lump sum appropriation?

  4. Other

3. Should local school districts be permitted to raise funds to supplement state allocations?

4. What should be the role of the following in determining the DOE budget?

  1. Governor

  2. Legislature

  3. Board of Education

  4. DOE staff

  5. Combination of any of the above

  6. Other

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