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Election Laws, Campaign Finances, Ethics


With the announcement of the Supreme Court decision that residency requirements for voting were unconstitutional, this state has abandoned all residency requirements for voter registration. Thic and the 18 year old vote change means that all of the League positions on Elections Laws have finally been achieved: a seven year effort.


We failed here! Due to political maneuvering, all campaign financing bills were dropped at the last minutes of the session because of failure of the House and Senate to agree on a compromise in Conference Committee. We have to start from scratch next session.


The controversial ethics legislation which passed in the closing minutes of the session has some gains over the present Chapter 84: it has a more meaningful preamble, better definitions, provides stronger review over private employment of legislators and employees and their appearance, or representation, before State Agencies, and also allows the State to void action or seek profits resulting from violation of the law.

Legislators were removed from the purview of the Ethics Commission in the sections on Fair Treatment and Conflict of Interest. Each respective house is to investigate and punish misconduct of a member. It also provides full public disclosure of financial interests of legislators and failure to disclose is a violation of the law.

Alice Scott
Nan Lowers


Nan and her family are moving to the mainland for their retirement. And Alice is returning both eyes to the City Council as an observer for the Honolulu League.

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