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Thoughts on Recycling... Design for Durability and Repairability
Program Making
Dollars and Sense: Who's on Welfare? We all are!
Have an hour you don't know what to do with?
Land Use Consensus Questions
Attitudes toward Property Rights (Carol Whitesell)
Constitutional Amendments
Voter Service
Suggestions for State Board Nominations
Solid Waste Consensus Questions

Land Use Consensus Questions

A. when should land be designated for urban use?

B. Where should planning responsibility be placed?

1. What should be the interaction between the State and County, in planning?

2. Who should have final planning authority?

A. What should be the purpose of the conservation district?

B. How should uses b6 controlled within the conservation district?

C. What should be the interaction between state and county in planning and control of conservation lands?

A. What should the state's housing goals be?

B. How should these goals be implemented?

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