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Come to State Convention
Proposed Slate of Officers and Directors
Proposed Bylaw Amendments
Proposed Budget
Convention - LWV Hawaii
Hawaii Wallet - A Study of State Gov't Finances
Proposed Program
Failure on Housing (Vangie Lamberts)
Power of the Purse
Testimony Plugs for a Realistic Budget (Frances McLeod)
Legislative Auditor's Report (Frances McLeod)
Ethics (Sharon Yokote)
Campaign Finances (Sharon Yokote)
In the Beginning... (Marilee Hoskins)
League Makes Land Use Debut

Proposed Budget

.. . is $4,667. This higher figure reflects gross, rather than net, figures; increased reserves for future printing due to contributions for Voter Guides collected these last 2½ years; 3 trips each to Kauai and Hawaii County; honest assignment of committee chairmen's expenses. On the income side, we would have to raise close to $1000 from the community. The local Leagues plan to pledge state service as follows:

Hawaii County $120

Honolulu 1200

Kauai 65

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