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Proposed Slate of Officers and Directors
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Proposed Budget
Convention - LWV Hawaii
Hawaii Wallet - A Study of State Gov't Finances
Proposed Program
Failure on Housing (Vangie Lamberts)
Power of the Purse
Testimony Plugs for a Realistic Budget (Frances McLeod)
Legislative Auditor's Report (Frances McLeod)
Ethics (Sharon Yokote)
Campaign Finances (Sharon Yokote)
In the Beginning... (Marilee Hoskins)
League Makes Land Use Debut

Proposed Program

PROPOSED PROGRAM * new or expanded study

* The Hawaii Wallet: a study of the state government's finances

* Housing; A study of the social impact of living conditions.

The state in concert with federal and local governments and the private sector, must mobilize to provide adequate living conditions at reasonable cost for Hawaii's residents. The state should establish a framework for sustaining an aggressive program that will increase the supply of low and moderate income hones and bring costs in line with ability to pay.

Land Use: Support comprehensive planning as the basis of land use decisions, public input into the planning process, a device to ensure coordination and cooperation between the counties and the state in planning and plan implementation. There should be strict controls on land uses in the conservation district in order to preserve the terrain and character of the surrounding areas, and protect the natural resources.

Solid Waste: Support recycling and resource recovery by private industry with cooperation and support from government.

Schools: Support the public's rights and interests concerning the administration, policy setting, and budget making for the statewide K-12 schools system; support the goal of equal financing and equal educational opportunities for each child.

Campaign Practices and Financing: Contributions as well as expenditures should be covered by the law. Disclosure should be made before elections, with a cut-off date for receipt of contributions before the election. Thu law should define contributions. Penalties for violation should be provided in the law. Support the state's free distribution to voters of hi-partisan pamphlets on candidates and ballot issues, if feasible.

Ethics: Support of a state code of ethics administered by a board of ethics, covering all elected and appointed state officials, consisting of broad principles designed to protect and inform the public and the public servant and to provide fair and equal treatment to all.

NON-RECOMMENDED PROGRAM... The following items were proposed by members of local

Leagues, but are not recommended by the State Board. The Convention may decide to consider one or more of them by a majority vote. Then the item may be adopted by a three-fifths vote.

Election Laws: Support of specific provisions which promote voter participation

- support the 18-year-old vote

- support the closed primary

(The State Board recommends dropping this item, as the two provisions have been achieved. In fact, one League thinks the closed primary position needs review, rather than total, support. Proposed by Honolulu and Hawaii county Leagues.) Election Laws: Review position in favor of closed primary

(Proposed by Kauai League)

Population: growth, design and density; control; limitations; impact on environment, housing, land use, public facilities, food supply, planning; foreign and domestic immigration policy

(Proposed by Kauai League; one State Board member)

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