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Testimony Plugs for a Realistic Budget

"In testimony before the Senate last year the League outlined our position that it is in the budget development and implementation processes that the Board should demonstrate its policies. We noted that Budget and Finance was, in effect, making many educational decisions as result of the budget review and implementation process.

"The Legislative Auditor's report confirms what we were saying. After clearly delineating the conflicting powers between the Governor and the Board (Part II, Chapters 3 & 4) the Auditor proceeds to outline solutions that could give the Board more control - through its budget -- without challenging the Governor's overall fiscal authority ... the Board could develop policy through the budget making process. It would be possible for it to perform the policy-making role intended for it by the State Constitution."

Unfortunately, as long as the Legislature continues to pass and send to the Governor unrealistic budget packages, then all talk of priorities in budget-ranking, who should make the decisions on educational programs, and all the legislative hearings appear to be meaningless exercises.

Frances McLeod
Schools Chairman

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