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73 Council

A valuable experience for me was an opportunity to exchange ideas in small group sessions, over coffee or dinner, with other State Presidents and delegates from Leagues large and small, I appreciated the symbiotic organization we are; the broad program we cover and the varying degrees of participation from each league.

The National Bylaws provide that Council adopt a budget for the ensuing year and give guidance to the National Board on program. All Council delegates lobbied on Capitol Hill on anti impoundment, foreign trade and ESEA (Elem.- Second.-School Act) which Mrs. Mink's Educ. Comm, hold hearings on early this year. A special project this July is a Foreign Trade Workshop in Wash. D.C. which Barbara Wiebenga from Honolulu will attend. Barbara will be reiterating League's position for liberal foreign trade. I sat in on a Rules Comm. hearing on anti-impoundment with Spark Matsunaga and Sen. Inouye's aide. They were interested in our League in Hawaii and the local race.

A restricted fund of $10,000 was voted to enable National Board to assist State Leagues in ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment We are fortunate in Hawaii to have early passage and active media support for the ERA, but watch for local actions that don't conform with the law.

"Have a good year", "See you in San Francisco at Convention 74" were parting words well meant. I hope we do muster a Hawaiian delegation next spring and say "Yes had a great year and it was fun too!"... (the Kauai potlucks esp.).


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