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From the President (Melvia Kawashima)
Epitome of a Leaguer...
State Convention Highlights!
Speakers' Bureau (Rhoda Miller)
Pollution Control Costs Debated
Effective Planning and Action
Going to Court in the Public Interest
73 Council (Melvia Kawashima)
Budget - 1973-74
ERA - What it Means to You
Flowers to 1971-73 State Board
Trade Action - Trade Alert!
Overseas Education Fund
Land Use Notes
Alert for August

[Effective Planning and Action]

1973-75 State Board will fertilize the seeds of effective planning and action. Rhoda Miller will be sprucing up our program items with public relations and publication development. Lottie Unterman will give Voter S77.7.7 a new twist through our Speakers' Bureau. Althea McCleery brings County to the Board, with past Secy/Treas. know-how. Housing moves forward steadily with Pat Schutt and past Board pillar Evelyn Oishi. State Finance study is steered by tax-law expert, Rhoda Lewis, and yours truly will continue to bring LEO HANA to you as a study, discussion and action tool.

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