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State Convention Highlights!

May 25-26, 1973

Waikiki Sheraton Hotel

The well-publicized convention drew a total of 41 delegates, alternates and board members as well as interested unit members from Oahu. It's too bad more members did not attend as it was informative and fun.

A discussion of the proposed budget with accompanying goals helped many delegates understand our League's program better. The new bylaw amendments call for State Council and fall workshop to be held on even-numbered years and convention held on odd-number years.

Mrs. Kathy Conahan Ethics Commission Director, spoke at lunch on the frustrations of the office, and the necessity of the cooperation from citizens at large.

Friday afternoon, convention delegates formed small groups to discuss: 1) Environmental Quality with Mr. Robert Stanfield conducting an Impasse Game wherein participants are supposed to come to a consensus on the total impact of two opposite policies: to greatly accelerate development or to halt it for ten years. The teams concluded that while halting would be beneficial to natural environment, it would cause rent and home prices to soar. 2) Land Use Planning was discussed by Richard Poirer from the Dept. of Planning and Economic Development. 3) Mr. Ronald Johnson and Mrs. Janet Sumida from the Dept. of Education discussed evaluation and the improvement of School curriculum and testing criteria for the K-12 program.

At dinner that evening we had an opportunity to share League thoughts with Kauai and Hilo delegates as well as with our husbands. The news media panel, which apparently wasn't very exciting, spoke in general on poor community participation in civic issues and problems that occur with press deadlines and editing.

Mr. Fred Bennion from the Tax Foundation capped off convention as Saturday's Brunch speaker. While supporting our state's basic taxation policies, he felt that our present deficit is due to a lack of total-appropriations overview as reflected in PPBS.

There was obviously a treasure chest of program-related information shared at convention, but more importantly it was a time for Leaguers to come together and re-dedicate ourselves to the purposes of this organization... see you next April at State Council!

Marilee Hoskins

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