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Fall Interviews

Local Leaguers will be asked again to interview their district legislators to aid our state lobbyists in planning our approach and priorities for the '74 session. Remember the League Team Concept:

(1) A gray haired lady for dignity.

(2) A young flirt.

(3) A fact filled expert.

If you can't be all three try to be the last one.

Here are the questions we will be asking:

#1. The Temporary Commission on Environmental planning (TCEP) is presenting to you its package of environmental goals and policies this session. What are your particular goals for the environment?

#2. Of the Housing bills carried over from last session, which do you, feel is most effective?

a. UDC

b. Act 105

c. Anti-speculation bill

d. Rent Controls

#3 What steps do you consider most important to bring the state's budget into balance?

(For the interviewer: for instance, raise taxes without revising the tax system; raise taxes and revise the tax system; decrease expenditures(how?); reorganize government departments; reduce government services).

#4 What do you want the Board of -Education's role to be and how can this be accomplished?

#5. What are your priorities for this session?

Your Local League coordinator will provide resource information and further hints and tips. Most of all have fun and thank you!

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