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Housing Coalition

Priority action goals at this time include the following:

New Housing Production.

Development of more housing for gap groups through fuller implementation of Act 105 and creation of a quasi-public Urban Development Corporation.

Conditional land use approvals for private development. (Allocating certain percentage of new developments for low and moderate income families)

Policy of providing suitable relocation housing alternatives for those displaced by public or private redevelopment.

Consumption: Proposals for affecting housing demand, prices and rents.

Immediate rent controls.

Deterrents to inflation and speculation on resale of housing with priority effort to establish a graduated capital gains tax of profit in resale of housing and land.

Control resale of units built under UDC, Act 105 and conditional land use approvals through buy-back agreements.

Housing Goals

State and County government, in concert with Federal Government agencies and the private sector must mobilize to provide adequate living conditions for Hawaii's residents. The State and County government should establish a framework for sustaining an aggressive program that will increase the supply of low and moderate income homes and bring costs in line with ability to pay. The Coalition's purpose is to take action to effect the necessary changes to achieve this goal.

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