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Hawaii Leaguers on the Go

State Board Lobbyists have not waited till January Legislative session to start. Since last summer Carol Whitesell and Sue Thorndyke have been sitting as Leaguers on the Minority Task Force on Committees on Land Use and Schools.

Observers attended Joint Education Comm. hearings and testified at all 3 local league levels on our Elected School Board position.

Housing: Pat Shutt speaking to groups on Housing while Melvia Kawashima testified on flat grants as the second problem to solve after Housing.

Solid Waste regulations and Land Use testimony as well as replies on the adopted State Ethics Comm. guidelines on Campaign Spending are important to League now. There are the many day to day contacts and interviews, phone calls and committee meetings that keep your leaders at their "highest and best use" (to borrow our land use language!)

Please be sure to see our State' Finance Comm. Report on "Where the Money Comes From" in this issue..

If you're ready to go, give these ladies a call... there's always continual action in League ..... that's the name of the game:

Melvia Kawashima
State President

President: Melvia Kawashima

Editor: Marilee Hoskins

Typists: Joy Curry

Helen Tamashiro

Volume 11 No. 1. Jan 1974

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