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Bank Balance/
& Reserves
$381.95 / 210.45
Present Program1. Community Action Workshop (Sponsored by Am-Sav) 2. Nat'l Cam. Fin. 3. Legis. Interviews (wine-tasing party) 1. Know Your County Workshop. 2. Nat'l Cam. Fin. 3. Legis. Inter. at Pub. Library. 4. Meeting with AAWW on higher ed. 1. Kickoff Luncheon - Dr. S.G. Brown on Watergate (spon. Island Federal) 2. Study of Neighborhd under City Charter. 3. Nat'l Cam. Fin. 4. State Land Use at Unit level. 5. State Legis. Interviews.
Program for FutureRecycling & Solid Waste Display, County Fair1. County Charter Study. 2. Higher Ed. Kauai Comm. Coll.1. Legis. Preview. 2. Program Plann'g. 3. Inter'l Rela'ns; Foreigh Trade update. 4. Transp'n 5. State Fin. Study.
Methods of Fund Raising1. LWV Calendar sales spon. by Rep. S. Rhoerig. 2. County Fair Bth.1. ERA Bracelets. 2. Membership giving. 3. Chinese pretzel sale, Lihue Shopp. Ctr.1. Kickoff Luncheon. 2. Membership giving. 3. Business socicitation. 4. Ballot counting.
Trade Bill; ESEA and H.R. Appropr'n level; D.C. Homerule
- Land Use (TCEP) - Sara Thompson, Winona Sears supported State/County coordination
- Schools - Sara Thompson, Winona Sears, Dorothy Bremner supported elected School Board at State and local level
- Solid Waste - Sara Thompson, Rose Coots, Judy Blatchford supported Dept. Health Registration but asked for mechanism of enforcement.
Action/LocalLtr to Editor - support of Ethics Comm. 1. Ltr to Editor on zoning Diamond Hd Hist/Cult - Diane Hastert. 2. Ltr to Editor support'g sewage users fees - Jean Roberts. 3. Testified on County Reapportion't - Claudia Patil

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