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FRESH - Facilities Requirements Evaluation, State of Hawaii
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Kauai LWV Take a Bow

FRESH - Facilities Requirements Evaluation, State of Hawaii

In mid 1972, 9,500 acres of land were designated as excess to be disposed of within five years. Of these 8,000 acres were indicated as being available for immediate disposal, The first of the long awaited disposals of excess Defense Dept. lands identified in 'FRESH' were approved by a House Armed Services Committee panel after Rep. Matsunaga testified for it.

Nearly 280 acres approved will be used for the completion of the H-1 freeway in the Pearl Harbor area, Hawaii Kai for recreational purposes, Nanana Housing area for recreational purposes, Lualualei for a new historical park with an operating railroad, Kaneohe MCAS for a bird sanctuary to protect the Hawaiian stilt, and Schofield will remain as a forest reserve.

Disposal hearings have been delayed by the in ability of the Armed Forces to accumulate a complete package of disposal reports for the committees evaluation. Matsunaga noted that the Armed Services control 24.7% of the land on Oahu, the most densely populated of a11 the islands.

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