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Kauai LWV Take a Bow

Kauai LWV Take a Bow

"Your League on Kauai is getting very active in land use", said the LUC's executive officer.

Kauai Leaguers met with commissioner Stan Sakahashi to discuss the boundary review, and will participate with the AAUW in a joint meeting on Land Use in Sept. Kauai League also sent comments on land use proposals for Kauai to the Land Use Commission.

Kauai LWV speaks out on the five-year review

".... the Kauai General Plan and the CZO already permit to at least 4 times the present population with urban areas clearly defined and accessible to needed services, for which clans are projected."

"The requested approximately 4000 acres would add about half again as much urban area as now, could result at 6 or more times the present population with resultant problems and tax increases."

"We recommend that any land zoned urban be balanced by rezoning present urban back to agriculture or conservation, at least on a one to one basis."

"..... much time, effort and study by many people as well as money went into developing the Kauai general Plan. Let us adhere to it ...and not add more urban and/or resort areas until truly needed."

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